Thursday, April 24, 2014

Professor for one year (week 42): Ich hab Vertrag

OK, the title of this week's post is a quote or a reference to German soccer speak.  Mostly it's used to express that one has an ongoing contract.  However, I can now officially announce that I signed a new contract this week for when my year as substituting professor ends.

I will join the Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS) in Stuttgart on April first (this is hopefully not a bad sign!).  It's only a 18-months contract, but I hope there will be a possibility for an extension.  I will do some teaching, coordination work for the Stuttgart CLARIN-D center, and I will continue research on phrasemes, morphological components, and writing technology.  At least, that's the plan.

What is most important: My academic adventures will go on after March 30, that's really good news. But there is a catch: We have to move.  But this is a different adventure.

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