Saturday, April 20, 2013

Professor for one year (week 2): Catch 22

As an employee at an institution, you will receive snail mail from time to time.  This mail will be delivered to your personal mailbox, not to your desk.  Here, all mailboxes are located in a special room and of course you need a key to enter this room.  In my first week, I received a key for my office and for the lab.  So I had to apply for a third key to access the mailbox room.

A week had gone by and I was on my way to ask the secretary about the key application form, when I saw that the door to the room was standing open.  So I had a quick look where exactly my mailbox would be.  Yes, it had already been labeled, and, to my surprise, there was mail in my mailbox: the filled-out application form that I have to sign in order to obtain the key to open the door to access my mailbox.  A perfect Catch 22.

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